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Frequently Asked Questions

Why CruisePro ?

CruisePro is a leading expert in the development of travel technology. We offer highly specialized and well-integrated software to small, medium and large travel industries in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and build long-term customer relationships by embracing each client's vision for their organization and then develop and deliver higher-quality travel solutions.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

CruisePro specializes in providing solutions for mid-sized and large B2C/B2B Agencies, OTAs, and Wholesalers. We bring powerful solutions such as online booking engines for B2B and B2C, white-label and mobile applications for travel companies. We specialize in the Travel Domain, and we are proud to offer you the benefit of our travel expertise across all products.

Do we adapt to market changes?

Yes. Travel Technology professionals at CruisePro offer the best solutions that can be tailored to market demand, and work well with the changing landscape of the travel industry.

Is CruisePro stable in the travel industry market?

Yes. We have a team of travel technology professionals with several years of domain expertise in the travel industry delivering high-performance solutions for worldwide clients and will continue to do so. In future, we will continue to maintain this proven industry presence.

Can we get the system customized?

We do have a solution for companies who want to get their own customized software package. Our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.

Will my website be Search Engine Friendly?

We are specialized in Search Engine Optimization . When we create websites, we pay close attention to the search engine guidelines and follow them to make your website search engine friendly.

How much customization is possible for my new website?

It is possible to build a fully customized website as per your requirements. All features, functionalities and design can be developed as suggested by you.

Do you offer support?

We do provide you with full training on how to use the system before you get started. We also provide unparalleled worldwide support for any issues or questions you may have. We offer customer support with different channels such as Live Chat, Email, Whatsapp and Phone.

How competitive are the rates in CruisePro?

There are quite a few travel software providers out there, in fact, before purchasing a license to use our booking engine, we urge our clients to compare us with other solutions on the market. We offer highly competitive prices and an increasing number of features.

Do I get limited pages on my website?

No, there is not any limitation for the no of webpages; according to your opinion, you can create unlimited webpages.

How do we benefit by integrating multiple XML's suppliers?

Most travel companies want to integrate one or two XMLs into their business. Our Cruise API have been pre integrated with all major cruiselines and same can be easily integrated you’re your travel portal. Your organization will benefit from the global inventory we offer for various products.

Will the system you build work on mobile devices?

Yes, we design and build responsive websites that operate on all devices, including mobile , tablets and laptops.

Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

Absolutely, our goal is to satisfy you and your input is very important to us. You can send us any site that you like and we'll be happy to develop customized Home Page Designs and yet build a website that will be consistent and reflect your entire brand.

How much time will it take to complete the website?

Normally the client will decide the time taken to complete a web assignment. If you have a time limit in mind, we can help you get the web set up quickly for you.

How much does it cost to create a website?

Developing a new website for your business will cost as per your requirements for the design and features. The website can be built in a range of standard and customizable formats. The costs will depend on this and can be decided after a good understanding of your business needs.

Why Do I Need CruisePro API Integration for my Travel Portal?

API integration provides an easy-to-use booking platform for portals. As users are looking for a place where they can customize their travel-related searches, API provides them the same. If a travel portal owner wants to get good business then he should integrate API.

How effective SEO services are for my website?

SEO services are very effective in improving Google's organic search rankings for your website. SEO services will help you attract more traffic to your website, helping you expand your reach and delivering growth to your business.

Do you provide SEO Services Also?

Yes, we have an experienced online marketing team that really understands the value of customers and adds more value to customers by making them more visible to global customers.

How can CruisePro help us in scaling our business?

CruisePro offers a wide range of solutions that can help you expand your sales and marketing channels, reach more customers, generate more bookings, seamlessly integrate third-party systems to expand your offerings, build integrated workflows, and roll out new products quickly.

I have my direct contracts. How do I manage them?

We can provide you with inventory systems (CRS) to manage your direct contracts. We offer CRSs for hotels, activities/sightseeing, car rentals and fixed packages. You can also redistribute your directly contracted inventory to third-parties through our distribution platform.

How quick you’re in replying and solving your customer’s queries?

We take pride in the services we offer to our customers. Our customers are our main priority and it is always easy to reach us and get an immediate response from us. We strive to make each and every customer satisfied and happy with the services.

What areas do you serve?

We work with all forms of companies, from big corporations to individuals. We have customers from all over the world.

Why should I choose CruisePro?

CruisePro provides a reliable, flexible and scalable platform with a wide variety of ready-to-deploy travel functionalities plus seamless integration with third-party/legacy systems for fast time-to-market and the ability to accommodate a large volume of transactions.

How do I get started with CruisePro?

If you are interested in our products or services, you can arrange a demo to get started by filling out the contact form or through our LiveChat. We will discuss all of your requirements with you and work with you to compile a detailed scope.