B2B Cruise Booking System for Travel Agencies


Online cruise booking system plays a significant role for cruise operators to reach out to the wide customer segment and to offer a range of available offers to attract the consumer. At CruisePro, we have established our cruise solution by taking into account the current and prospective demands of the cruise industry. We provide a complete solution for cruise companies from the beginning to the end. Our Cruise Booking Engine is a web-based B2B, B2C, and B2B2C application designed to simplify processes, increase revenue, and reduce the time and effort needed to complete a cruise booking. A single cruise booking system can display all the details on the services available and the rates in real-time. When travelers come to the portal, they are enabled to access booking details. The full suite of Cruise Booking Engine by CruisePro is designed to increase business revenue while automating the entire cruise booking operation. Through reduced time and effort, the software aims to provide the customers with a smooth experience. Our Cruise Reservation System offers access to cruise line content and third-party integration under one roof. We provide all the content of the cruise supplier in one location by providing our identical cruise booking system. Our cruise web services give you the flexibility to make changes to your bookings at any time. Our cruise solution provides direct access to a range of tools. In fact, the time spent on providing services is greatly reduced, which is another advantage to you in delivering value to your customers.

CruisePro is a leading B2B Cruise Booking System development company, a team with decades of experience in business to business cruise sales worldwide is proud to provide you with an advanced booking engine to create an unforgettable journey for your customers. We provide our world-leading cruise technology solutions to Cruise Lines, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, and Wholesalers. We will increase the level of automation to your booking system. We provide our clients with a broad range of online solutions that enable you to create; B2C websites for the selling of cruises, B2B intranet applications – both for staff and customers – or mobile device applications. Our company is structure-along with our in-depth knowledge of the Cruise Industry-means that we can provide flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to any user requirements. Our Cruise Booking Engine allows cruise companies to make easy online cruise bookings through the Cruise API on a single platform. The API is a connection between the cruise line operators worldwide and the online travel agencies where these OTAs can view their live, real-time inventory and availability while accessing the cruise booking software. Our fully integrated Cruise Booking platform is simple to use and configured to meet the requirements of the company without any delays. As CruisePro is well known for GDS integration, we are committed to providing our customers with a complete cruise booking system through our GDS system and low-cost carriers. As a result, travel agents will certainly raise their sales by rising their business to a high level.

CruisePro is a leading travel technology company, well known for offering the best services in Cruise CRS to travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies around the world. Our cruise booking engine embraces revolutionary technologies by improving the user interface, screen size design, and layout to provide a better user experience. We provide travel agents and travel companies with the ability to book cruises. Our cruise booking system enables cruise companies to make easy online cruise bookings via the Cruise API on a single platform. Through the cruise reservation system, all information on availability, various deck prices, plans under one roof, and adventure can be made available to travelers. With our vast experience and a large and effective team in the travel technology industry, we are evolving innovations in line with consumer trends and dedicated to delivering our practice with the utmost care and expertise. We deliver a cruise reservation system and booking software to travel businesses around the world. Our cruise booking system is designed to generate more revenue and benefit from enhanced marketing and profit-making capabilities. We greatly improved the efficiency of cruise suppliers by helping them through our cruise reservation software. No matter whether you are a cruise supplier or want to include a cruise in your travel services, CruisePro software allows you to achieve success. Also, in the cruising market, you will never miss the opportunity with our profound solution.

CruisePro is the pre-eminent Cruise Booking Engine / Cruise XML Integration Company providing a cruise booking solution along with flight and hotel booking systems. The online cruise reservation system helps the user to keep up-to-date with the latest cruise inventory available. CruisePro integrates Cruise Booking Platform, Cruise XML, Cruise Booking System, Cruise API, Cruise Reservation System, B2B Cruise Booking System, B2C Cruise Booking System, Cruise Reservation Technology Solution, and Cruise XML Integration with its team of experts. The Cruise Booking System integrates a large inventory of cruise suppliers (such as MSC, Princess, and Carnival) with travel agents and tour operators in the form of an XML cruise. The online cruise booking engine helps users to check the availability of online cruises, examine deck plans, cabin inventory and, eventually, make user-friendly online bookings. Our software platform and custom development allow travel agencies to develop comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive user experience. Our online cruise booking system is well designed and entirely web-based online booking system. Our cruise booking system interfaces directly to the cruise line booking to ensure the complete accuracy of the details. We provide travel companies with a state-of-the-art proven platform, combining years of travel industry experience with cutting edge travel industry best practices. Our platform is efficient and scalable. As a leading travel technology company, we are providing travel agencies with innovative solutions. We believe that the growth of travel agencies and customers must go hand-in-hand. Travel companies generate huge revenue through maximized sales using our advanced solutions.

CruisePro is the world's leading travel portal development company dedicated to developing innovative software for the tourism industry. At CruisePro, we use strategic approaches to deliver high-end services to our customers that ensure superior customer satisfaction. We provide travel companies on a single platform where travel agents have access to easy online cruise bookings via the Cruise API. Our Online Cruises Booking Engine integrates an API that helps you manage B2C Cruises bookings in various destinations around the world. From open solutions that allow you to connect directly to the cruise line company and create your own search and cruise booking engine, to integrated solutions with quick and easy implementation. We're helping you improve your productivity by selling cruises from day one. Our team of experts in online cruise distribution technology is at your fingertips. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we give you a new range of opportunities and possibilities that you can benefit from. Our customers profit tremendously from expanding their business by making use of our technology solutions and services unique to their growing demands. Our real-time insights and distribution expertise can efficiently bring your exclusive brand product to your audience. So if you are thinking either of starting a travel company or if you already have an existing business and are looking for a technology partner to meet your growing needs ... Look no further .. CruisePro is the answer.

Features of Cruise Booking System:

  • Instant online cruise booking
  • Real-time inventory of all major players
  • Luxury and lifestyle cruises
  • Best fares & best commissions
  • Driving directions and travel tips
  • User registration and validation module
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Manage all financial transactions easily
  • Deck plans, cabin layout of cruise is available
  • 24x7x365 booking support available
  • Offer all-time availability of inventory
  • Give you access to the enormous travel content
  • Facilitate an online platform for faster cruise booking
  • Helps in maximizing sales through online distribution channels

Why CruisePro?

  • End to end technology solutions for travel businesses
  • Ready to implement cost-effective SaaS-based travel solutions
  • Customer base across the globe
  • Availability of huge inventory
  • Cost effective solution with client satisfaction
  • Simple to use quality solutions to exhibit class, credibility, quality & professionalism of travel businesses
  • Increases revenue from sales of commissionable packages