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Travel Portal Development India - One Stop Solution for Your Travel Business

With CruisePro's Online Travel Portal, you can boost your online presence. Our Travel Portal Development India offers a platform to make the booking process faster and easier for all types of clients – corporate or end-customers.




What is travel portal development?


Travel Portal is a robust and powerful web-based internet booking engine designed specifically for the travel industry and travel agencies. A travel company or agency requires high-quality travel portal software that allows their website visitors or audience to book hotels and airline tickets online at any time.

Travel Portals mainly provides the customers or booking agents with travel information, bookings, and all the information required which one may need while traveling.

These travel portals obtain information from a cloud platform that has authorized them and provides users with the best possible fares and service, something which users desire all the time.

There are several types of travel portals, including flight booking, vacation packages, car booking, taxi/bus booking, and many others.

Users can easily search for and book hotels online. They can easily view their account information, booking stage, and seat number. Booking a ticket or canceling a ticket becomes quite simple.

It is a precise way to promote your business, and online marketing will greatly increase your potential customers. It is very convenient for travelers to book their airline tickets or rent a car online for the required time interval.

Online travel portals provide the required foundation for developing and expanding the company's growth. In simple terms, it is a structured gateway that helps to structure the access to information found on the internet. 

If you are planning to start a travel business or an established business, CruisePro is here to help you with all your travel portal requirements. We provide services to B2B and B2C travel agencies, tour operators, travel management companies, DMCs, travel aggregators, etc.

Our professional web developers can create customized travel portals that meet the needs of both clients and visitors.


How Travel Agency benefit from Travel Portal Development?


A travel portal is an extremely useful tool for establishing your presence in the online Tour world. Online travel portals increase visibility and allow travel agents to sell their products and services in a global marketplace.

A travel website helps customers with online booking those who visit the website. This also has many other features that make it simple for customers to enjoy the holidays.

For example, Air ticket booking from anywhere, Hotel bookings for both domestic & global hotels, bus booking, car booking and much more facilities like these. So, to expand your brand business, you must first develop a travel portal.

Travel Portal development helps inbound and outbound tour operators, online travel agencies, travel agencies, and travel companies automate operations, sales, marketing, lead generation, package customization, itinerary creation, quotation management, and developing a better and more extensive portfolio of their products such as activities to increase bookings, transfers, hotels, flights, and much more.

Travel portal development helps travel agencies manage their package customization, booking, quotation management, and itinerary creation to increase bookings for travel products like flights, transfers, hotels, and activities.

Travel portal development provides a single point of access for highly centralized travel inventory and pricing. Millions of agents access that data and process the bookings for their end consumers at any given time.

Travel portal systems provide real-time information such as inventory, rates, availability, and details, reducing the overall processing time per booking for travel agencies and resulting in increased revenues and profits.


Why Choose CruisePro As a Best Travel Portal Development Company?




CruisePro is a leading travel portal development company that specializes in travel website design and development. Our primary goal is to create high-quality custom travel websites that use cutting-edge technology. When creating a website, we adhere to all best practices to ensure that it is accessible to all users.

We understand how to gain the trust of your visitors by providing a professional travel website. We can make your travel website stand out by creating a responsive design, attracting content, secure payment methods, simple booking and cancellation features, reviews and ratings, search filters, maps, and more.

We have an excellent portfolio of travel portal solutions for Travel Agents, including Travel API Integration, GDS API Integration, XML API Integration, Flight API Integration, Hotel Booking API, White Label Travel Portal, Flight Booking Quotation System, Activity Booking System, Tour Booking System, B2B Travel Portal, B2C Travel Portal, Travel Portal Software, Travel Mobile App, and more.

We create White Label Travel Portals to increase the visibility of your brand. We offer a comprehensive suite of travel solutions, including website design, travel portal development, app development, and API integration and maintenance. We offer comprehensive travel solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

Travel Portal Development India developed by us offers a complete solution that is developed keeping in mind the increasing business requirements of the travel business and can scale as per the traffic generated. We are a one-stop-shop for any technology requirement, whether it is a white-labeled solution, travel website development, or travel booking software APIs.

Our developers have extensive technical knowledge as well as a passion for creating travel-related websites. We also provide fully functional tourism portal development services based on your specific needs.

Our travel portal development services improve and shape the travel companies and their websites. So that they can attract genuine traffic and earn a lot of profit. We offer a wide variety of travel portal solutions and software to assist in the growth of all tourism-related businesses, resorts, agencies, advisors, tour operators, and so on.

Our tours and travels portal development includes the integration of various GDS, XML, APIs for air booking, hotel booking, travel packages, car booking, sightseeing, cruises, SMS gateways, transfers, bus booking, and insurance modules, as well as the development of customized travel application development based on the client's needs and budget.

We are capable of meeting your needs, and as a result, you will be successful in your business. Previously, there was no competition in this field, but now you can see there are plenty of companies that deal with tours and travel.

CruisePro assists travel agencies and corporations in the travel industry in obtaining a fully customized solution with all of the features that their business requires. From ticket booking to hotel reservation to taxi rental, get your customers a one-stop solution for all the services that they need for their travel and tourism purposes.

We develop Travel Portal Development India and dynamic travel portals that allow your customers to easily navigate and select from the various services you offer.


Why CruisePro Online Travel Portal Development is ideal for any type of travel business?


CruisePro has one of the best technology-enabled travel portals available in the market for the travel sector. We develop customized white label travel portals to meet your needs.

At CruisePro, we have extensive experience in creating beautiful travel and tourism website design and portal development that truly captures the spirit of travel, adventure, and vacation.

Our Travel Portal Development India have a proven track record of assisting many of our clients in selling more tours and activities. Our approach focuses on creating a unique website that will convey your brand’s message and position you as the market leader. The effectively coded travel websites we build will ensure high performance for optimal UX and SEO.

CruisePro is the one-stop solution for all of your B2B and B2C online travel portal needs. We provide the travel portal development solution that is ideal for your business.

CruisePro is an expert at developing intelligent and innovative travel business solutions, as well as co-creating tailored solutions for your business's EXPLOSIVE growth. We don't just develop, but collaborate with you to ensure that the portal generated produces the best possible returns for you, whether that's monetary gains, increased ROIs, or developmental gains. We develop the most effective and innovative solutions that will benefit your business in the long run.

We, at CruisePro influence the travel technology market with innovative business services and strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your travel technology needs. We create travel portals that can generate revenue for you with every click.

With an increasing number of people seeking online travel portals to plan and book their travel, we can help you in achieving this goal with our highly scalable and robust technology solutions.

On request, we can also integrate your Travel Portal Development India with tools like a weather widget, Google maps, and various information sources that provide the latest travel news, trip advice, and travel guides, allowing the traveler to better plan his or her trip and making the portal more appealing and informative to customers.

Being a highly specialized Travel Technology Company, we help develop B2B Travel Portal, B2C Travel Portals, B2B2C Travel Portals with Distributor Module, Franchise Module, White Labelled Solution, Corporate oriented travel portals, Booking Engine Platforms, Booking System, Travel Portal Developments and also custom application development services.

Our feature-rich travel solutions are cost-effective and can assist your travel company in gaining new customers, engaging with them more effectively, and increasing business.

We have an elite team of skilled programmers and designers at CruisePro who can create custom travel portal software that is a perfect fit for your needs.

Our team specializes in travel portal development and is customer-focused, allowing them to create scalable, robust solutions that allow for rapid business growth.


Why CruisePro is your ideal partner?


There are numerous reasons why you should choose us over other companies to develop travel portals, which are listed below.




CruisePro's prices are extremely competitive for the quality of services we provide. We have the necessary skills, infrastructure, and expertise to provide the best service to our customers. You only pay for what you want with our flexible pricing models.


State-of-the-art Infrastructure


Our team of travel portal development professionals at CruisePro has access to cutting-edge infrastructure in the form of world-class office spaces, reliable network equipment, and cutting-edge communication tools and technologies. We can efficiently deliver our services for all your travel software development needs with our relevant industry experience in travel portal development.


Complete Data Security


We guarantee the complete security of your sensitive information; we use strict protocols to keep your data safe from hackers and malware.




All of our software solutions are designed to be scalable so that as your business grows, your software is equipped to deal with it.


24/7 Availability


We assign a dedicated project manager to our customers when they engage our services so that they get round-the-clock access to our team through a single interface. They can raise their concerns or give their recommendations for the portal when needed.


Regular Follow-up and Maintenance


Even after we have successfully deployed your travel portal, you can rely on us to provide maintenance and support. We will assist you in resolving any software issues and ensuring smooth performance.


Features Included in Our Travel Web Development Services


As CruisePro works on full transparency. We can create any feature you want for your tourism website. Good thing is that all the portals developed by our developers are search engine friendly. Check out the features.

  • You can book both international and domestic flights.

  • Automatic Book every type of hotel through this ranging from luxurious hotels to the budget-oriented hotels

  • Book a car online at the most affordable rates.

  • Want to go on a holiday? You can book vacations to both domestic and international destinations.

  • Payment gateway integration.

  • One-way and two-way flight booking contact forms.

  • Online tourism destination and flight booking for both one-way and two-way tours.


Benefits of our Travel Portal Development:


  • Increase your travel inventory to attract new customers.

  • User-friendly interface that will empower existing customers to purchase from your site more frequently

  • Online presence for your travel brand

  • Flexibility to choose all or limited travel products to be integrated into the portal

  • Flexible reporting with a wide range of reports - including booking, sales, performance, and other data that can be customized to meet the business needs

  • User-friendly maintenance tools that put you in control at all times will make updating, amending, and maintaining your site as simple as possible.

  • Round the clock technical and customer assistance


Our Travel Portal Development Cost In India




We have a remarkably tailored solution for API-based travel websites. The cost is determined by the features of the website as well as the API. So, if you need travel portal software with API at a low cost, contact CruisePro for a detailed proposal.

We have the best services that people looking for and therefore you should surely consider us for developing your tourism portals. We are one of the best companies that provide satisfaction. So, go ahead and hire us now to meet your needs for travel portal development.

As CruisePro, we begin by understanding your business objective to visualize the overall scope. As part of the software development lifecycle, it is followed by designing a custom strategy and methodology.

As a company with experience developing travel portals of various scopes, we can assist you in selecting a cost-effective model that fits your budget.

When you work with CruisePro, you are collaborating with industry leaders in travel technology. Consequently, we take the opportunity to deliver the best possible work at the most affordable White Label Travel Portal Cost by utilizing our skills and experience.

At CruisePro, we have extensive experience and skill in the field of white label travel portal development services, and we can assist you in putting your potential business concept into action and establishing the most detailed applications to ensure your clients are 100% satisfied.

We specialize in the design, development, and integration of various GDS XML, LCCs, Hotel APIs, Transfer APIs, Car Rental APIs, Cruise APIs, and Travel Insurance APIs.

We guarantee you that you get all the latest features required from a travel portal such as the best API integrations to responsiveness. Our White Label Solutions has major GDS & LCC operators, and third-party suppliers/operators APIs integrated into the backend which makes your travel portal rich in data.

As a company with expertise in building travel portals of various scopes, we can assist you in choosing a cost-effective model that fits your budget. Our custom-developed solutions are SaaS-based (Software as a Service), affordable, and tailored to individual companies' needs.

Contact us right away if you want feature-rich, visually appealing travel portal solutions that will help you attract more customers and increase your sales. Our teams will collaborate with you to create a solution that achieves the best results in the short term.

We are happy to set up a free demonstration of our entire travel agency portal development process based on your requirements.


What We Offer

CruisePro platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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How We Engage


We Help Your Own Developers

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
Customized Hosted Solution

Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

Off The Shelf

  • Pre-integrated suppliers to provide the best inventory and prices
  • Comes with Cruisepro APIs to build websites and apps in a fraction of time
  • World Renowned Reliability
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Best user experience with 99.9% uptime
Off the Shelf

Grow Your Business with a Powerful Online Engagement Platform and Experienced Travel Partner

You won't be going on the engagement journey alone. We're there as a partner to help, support and advise to ensure your ultimate success.

  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports

Skyrocket your business growth with CruisePro

  • Our products empower Retail Sales.
  • Analyzing your requirements, fulfilling your business objectives and providing you the right solution.
  • Our engineering team has a relentless focus on delivering a scalable and reliable technology platform.
  • Choose the right travel technology development service that fits your needs and business goals.
  • We Deliver the best of our firm to every client as cost effectively as we can.
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone and we provide world class Support to our customers.

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