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Amadeus Travel Software - A Quick Way to Increase Your Travel Inventory and Facilities

Amadeus Travel Software helps travel agencies, corporations, airlines, hotels, rail, car rental companies, airline companies, cruise lines, and ferry operations improve their business solutions.


Introduction To Amadeus Global Distribution System


Amadeus GDS is a system that maintains data from worldwide airlines, automobiles, and hotels. Using the Amadeus GDS platform, we can create a PNR, book a flight, check flight schedules, and encode and decode a city name, nation, carriers, and airport. 

Amadeus enables us to book flights, hotels, vehicles, and cruises based on our customers' preferences. Amadeus GDS is also used to provide specific instructions to airlines, make notes, and confirm flight availability depending on the client's requirements. 

Airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are linked to Amadeus' GDS system, allowing travel companies to access real-time inventory information and provide airline tickets, hotel rooms, and vehicle rental services.


Using Amadeus GDS, CruisePro can assist you and your customers with the following services.


Air Ticketing


Amadeus GDS provides access to over 450 airlines, including 70 low-cost carriers. Provide high-quality airline content to end users (B2C/B2B) and businesses. It includes services such as Flight Availability and Return Availability, Availability Change Entries, Flight Schedules, Basic Flight Info, Flight Reservations, Cancellations, and Rebooking Flights with a New Booking Code or Date.  

Amadeus provides a highly effective and interactive reservation solution, which helps OTAs expand booking scopes by distributing air and non-airline content to wide distribution channels. Integrating the Amadeus global distribution system into your travel portal or booking engine may give massive real-time data and the ability to book flights online with a variety of options as those listed below:

  • Optional one-way/return/multi-city search

  • View hundreds of airlines

  • Search with advanced filters

  • Find out all you need to know about the flights, including the flight name, flight number, segment information, departure details (city, date, time), arrival details (city, date, time), trip duration, and the number of stopovers.

  • Details about the fare

  • Baggage Specifics

  • Seat selection provision for frequent fliers

  • PNR to actual ticket generation


Hotel Booking


Amadeus has 730,000 unique properties all around the globe. Through Amadeus Hotels, we may effortlessly book a wide choice of quality content from prominent hotel chains, independent hotels, regional and worldwide aggregators, and Amadeus Value Hotels. Amadeus Hotel provides comprehensive information on room availability, pricing, and hotel amenities. Connecting your hotel to the GDS system will provide travel agencies access to live inventory information, allowing them to sell rooms in your facility to their clients. 


Amadeus hotel module:


  • Search for a hotel by city, category, hotel name, dates of stay,

  • number of rooms and tourists

  • View detailed hotel descriptions

  • Send order comments to the supplier

  • Manage hotel bookings (tourist names and dates of staying), and cancel options.

  • Real-time status of hotel rooms and price changes

  • Automatically allocate rooms to guests

  • Centralized Database to get real-time information regarding availability and pricing of hotel rooms

  • Integrating Hotel Global distribution can be a great source for corporate travelers to book itineraries.

  • Broaden your reach to attract the corporate traveler

  • Reduce manpower, save time and lead to greater exposure for your property and travel business.

  • Start rating and guest review score

  • With effective use of GDS, hoteliers and travel management companies can expedite their sales and revenues


Car Rental Reservation


Amadeus Car provides detailed information on car availability and pricing for car rental companies all around the globe. Amadeus also has arrangements with leading car rental businesses to hire cars directly from their reservation systems through Amadeus Complete Access.


How does the Amadeus Travel Software work?


As a travel technology company, CruisePro integrates Amadeus Travel Software, which provides critical solutions that assist airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel players. It helps them operate their operations and improve the travel experience around the globe.

The software also includes the Amadeus Central Reservation System, which gives a unified visitor profile to offer customized services and attractive upsell offers. The Amadeus software system handles most transactions on daily basis. 

GDS enables agents to obtain information about the availability, features, and costs of aircraft tickets, ferry bookings, trains, and other services. With GDS integration into their online portals, travel companies can enable their consumers to search for and book travel services.

Amadeus software is a complete travel booking system that integrates all the necessary capabilities, advantages, and various travel content collections. Furthermore, they may provide the client with an all-inclusive holiday package that includes flights, hotels, and transportation.

Integrate Amadeus software GDS into your travel portal with the aid of CruisePro to help your travel business grow. Our Amadeus travel software offers cutting-edge solutions, including e-power suits, online services, application programming interfaces, and other value-added services. The Amadeus GDS platform has the features required to build highly personalized and successful travel portal solutions. 

Amadeus GDS allows travel companies to manage their businesses more efficiently and successfully. From global network airlines to low-cost carriers, from leading travel agents to independent hotels, Amadeus technology is utilized by various travel industries to establish effective business environments and become more lucrative.

Using Amadeus Travel Software, CruisePro can quickly merge airline and hotel API connectivity. Amadeus software streamlines and improves the value of travel business operations for both travel providers and users, providing them with a significant competitive edge. It enables agents to quickly and efficiently set up Amadeus-powered travel software.


Why is Amadeus GDS Important For The Travel Industry?


The global distribution system for travel management companies is advantageous since it may grow your business and increase conversions. Travelers can quickly get a top flight, hotel, car transfer, sightseeing, and other information using the GDS system integrated into your portal. Amadeus is the world's leading provider of global distribution systems. 

Amadeus has grown to become the world's leading provider of worldwide distribution systems. In terms of customers and vendors, it had a global reach for travel content. It is the world's top transaction processor for the travel and tourism sector. The Amadeus booking system provides a complete solution, from the initial search through the fulfillment of the booking.

It is a complete travel management system that aggregates a wide range of travel content. Amadeus is a technology supplier that offers inventory management, reservation processes, PNR generation, and passenger profiling to airlines and hotels. 

Amadeus has enormous potential, and if used correctly, it can propel your business to new heights. As one of the most successful GDS, Amadeus has played a vital role in reshaping the travel business. Several travel services companies, including hotels, airlines, car rental, sightseeing, and travel agencies, used it to optimize their business cycles.

Once you have access to a GDS, like Amadeus Travel, you will be able to give your clients a stunning quantity of travel product information at the lowest possible price. It primarily benefitted travel businesses, OTA, aggregators, distributors, and other providers of travel services. Amadeus GDS is ideal for meeting the needs of modern travelers. 

Amadeus Software provides GDS integration services that allow travel agencies, corporations, and clients to access travel data by comparing costs, booking options, and tour itineraries. It manages inventory (hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, car rental system, and vacation package system) and the ability for clients to purchase tickets online. 

Amadeus GDS provides clients with real-time information by employing a limitless quantity of data to which online travel providers have access. The ultimate goal of integrating Amadeus API is to provide a one-stop solution for all of the end-travel user's needs.


Amadeus Software's Features


The following are the primary elements of Amadeus software GDS that contribute to its status as the most favored portal in travel technology:

  • Globally automated products

  • Synchronized real-time flight information

  • Seat confirmation is a quick and straightforward process.

  • Economical

  • An interface that is simple to use

  • Support in several languages


Benefits Of Amadeus GDS


  • Access a wide range of travel contents

  • Real-time information for availability and price change

  • Instant booking option

  • Centralized Payment Processing Via BSP

  • Enhance customer loyalty

  • PNR number generation

  • Acts as a single source of aggregated data for the airline loyalty program, which is extended through API.

  • Reduces the time it takes to interact with airlines individually, increasing efficiency and productivity.


We Help You Grow Tremendously


CruisePro is a leading Amadeus Software Development company that specializes in integrating Amadeus to provide the best travel software to worldwide travel and tour operators. We connect the Amadeus GDS API to your website for the hotel, airline, and vehicle inventories, as well as bespoke backend and booking capabilities. Help your clients by providing a personalized search engine, low prices, and simple reservations. 

We provide an advanced online travel booking software platform that includes user modules such as B2C, B2B, and B2B2C services modules such as flights, hotels, transfers, cruises, rails, sightseeing, and backend admin modules. 

Our travel solutions are used by traditional and online travel agencies, travel wholesalers, tour operators, rental companies, and technology development companies. Our Amadeus GDS provides the innovation that drives the movement segment, from initial inquiry to booking, rating to ticketing, managing bookings to surviving check-in and departure operations. 

CruisePro helps them increase sales, attract new customers, and the next move of competitors. It also helps the airline sector provide a more personalized and excellent ticket purchasing experience. We assist you in growing your business by delivering new services through Amadeus GDS integration.

We provide Amadeus Travel Software with a complete travel management system that includes all the core competencies, advantages, and diversity in aggregating travel content. This software enables travel industry participants like airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators to operate efficiently and improve the client experience.

At CruisePro, we have a dedicated team that can help you with custom GDS API integration. We also provide outstanding technical assistance to help you improve your digital image; our team will also help you with optimization and maintenance.


What We Offer

CruisePro platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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How We Engage


We Help Your Own Developers

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
Customized Hosted Solution

Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

Off The Shelf

  • Pre-integrated suppliers to provide the best inventory and prices
  • Comes with Cruisepro APIs to build websites and apps in a fraction of time
  • World Renowned Reliability
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Best user experience with 99.9% uptime
Off the Shelf

Grow Your Business with a Powerful Online Engagement Platform and Experienced Travel Partner

You won't be going on the engagement journey alone. We're there as a partner to help, support and advise to ensure your ultimate success.

  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports

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